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justtrae's country album

Faded Headlights

Available on ALL streaming platforms April 26th. Album will ALSO be available to listen for free on YouTube


My first ever country album is set to drop April 26th. This is my most anticipated album ever - you all have been asking me when it’s dropping so, here it is.

My 8th official album “Faded Headlights”
This album will tell you a story about a small town kid trying to chase his dreams to becoming an artist. All throughout my life I was told “you need this.. you need that to be to be successful as an artist”.

That kid figured out, he didn’t need a special “blueprint” to make it “out”. You can be whatever you want to be and still be at home without a person looking over your shoulder telling you what you need to do.
That kid is JustTrae, a small town kid living in the boonies on the outskirts of a major city. With calluses on his hands, dirt under his nails, holes in his jeans, no money in his pockets, and still having a smile on his face to make everyone else proud with all the battles he has been through in life.

If you have a dream, go chase it. The only person stopping you is yourself. If you have the mind power to say “I want it” then absolutely no one can stop you!
Life is never perfect, lights will eventually fade, but your soul will live on forever…
I present “Faded Headlights” my first country album! 🖤 dropping April 26th.

Love y’all. 🤘